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Access Control Automatic Log Off

Reference: § 164.308(a)(2)(iii)
Last Updated: April 24, 2024


To prevent unauthorized user access to unattended computing devices and to comply with state and federal regulations.


The Security Manager or its designated representative shall ensure that all team members are aware of the required logoff procedures.

All workstations shall enable an automatic logoff procedure where User inactivity will be tracked, and information will be secured by automatically activating a screensaver or login off the User after a pre-established time of inactivity.

The established logoff procedures include:

  • Manual lock or logoff - When leaving a computer, server, portable computing device (PCD), or other computing device unattended, workforce members must manually lock or logoff the device to prevent unauthorized access to systems or information.
  • Automated lock or logoff - All computing devices must be secured with either a password-protected screen saver or automatic logoff that will take effect after a pre-selected time of inactivity.

The Office Manager shall periodically assess compliance with this policy.

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