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Contingency Plan Emergency Mode Operation Plan Policy

Reference: 45 CFR § 160.308(a)
Last Updated: January 8, 2024


Goal: Establish (and implement as needed) procedures to enable operations of critical business processes for protection of the security of the ePHI while operating in emergency mode.

The purpose of this policy is to establish a formal, documented emergency mode operations plan that enables the continuance of crucial business processes ePHI during and immediately after a crisis situation.


Procedure: The Security Manager shall develop and update procedures to ensure the activities to take place in case emergencies.

  • The workforce member detecting the threat shall immediately report the same to the Security Manager or designated representative.
    • The Security Manager or designated representative will determine seriousness of situation and required steps to follow.
    • If necessary, the Security Manager will set up a temporary work site with computers and communication resources (telephone, e-mail, etc.) and coordinate equipment and support personnel moves.
      • The Security Manager will determine if there is a need for additional equipment and supplies necessary for operations during emergency situations and coordinate rush deliveries to the selected location.
      • As soon as backup hardware’s operational status is verified the Security Manager will supervise the loading of software and restoration of backup files.
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