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Security Management Process: Emergency Preparedness

Reference: §164.308 (a)(1)(ii)(A)
Last Updated: July 5, 2023


The purpose of the Emergency Preparedness Policy is:

  • To determine which locations are vulnerable to hazards and in what ways;
  • To identify which hazards may operations, and how;
  • To determine which operational aspects should be modified to decrease vulnerability; and,
  • To identify which hazards should be considered for emergency prevention and preparedness.


Procedure: In order to assess and prioritize tasks regarding this policy we will:

  • Perform a basic assessment regarding potential natural threats;
  • Develop a series of policies and procedures that shall cover:
    • Response and recovery strategies to be implemented during and after emergencies;
    • Responsibility for these strategies;
    • The management structure required for an emergency; and,
    • The resource and information management requirements.
  • Develop and implement training program. Training program shall cover potential emergencies, delegation of authority and basic tasks to accomplish.
  • Maintain a written record of the assessment for 6 years.
  • Submit the risk assessment findings and the risk management plan to the appropriate parties within 30 days of concluding their assessment.
  • Repeat basic assessment yearly and update/review policies based on findings at least once a year or more frequently if needed.
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