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Workstation Use: Cell phones

Reference: 45 CFR § 164.310
Last Updated: July 5, 2023


Goal: Define what the organization should do to appropriately monitor and controlled the use of cell phones in regard to ePHI.

The purpose of this policy is to control information on mobile devices like cell and camera phones.


Procedure: The Security Manager will ensure that all individuals understand the risk of using cell phones and the policies related to the same.

  • Camera phones are not allowed on secure areas. If an individual carrying a camera phone needs to enter a secure area the camera phone may be checked-in at the reception area until such time as the individual is ready to leave.
  • Cell phones shall be purged of all patient information immediately after its use.
    • If a patient calls an individual at his/her cell phone he/she must delete the entry from the cell phone memory immediately after the call is completed.
    • If an individual needs to borrow a cell phone to call a patient, the patient’s number must be deleted from the memory immediately after the call is completed.
    • Text messaging shall be considered protected information and requires the implementation of the above steps.
  • If an individual needs to store patient information (telephone numbers) on a cell phone, the phone must be password protected to limit inappropriate access.
    • The Security Manager and the individual supervisor must authorize storage of patient information on a cell phone in advance.
  • Misplacement of a cell phone with patient information will be considered a security violation and needs to be reported to the Security Manager immediately.
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