Scott Blaydes

Compliance Officer

Background and Experience: With an impressive 30 years of experience in IT, Scott Blaydes brings a wealth of knowledge to ensure regulatory compliance within the organization. They have a proven track record of implementing effective compliance measures.

Expertise and Skills: Scott Blaydes is an expert in Linux/BSD system and network administration. Their deep understanding of these systems allows them to secure and maintain a robust and reliable IT infrastructure.

Passion and Interests: Beyond their IT expertise, Scott Blaydes has a heart for animals and actively supports a local animal rescue organization. He participates in fundraising events and volunteer their time to help improve the lives of animals in need.

Contributions to the Team: As the Compliance Office, Scott plays a critical role in ensuring the company’s IT systems comply with industry standards and regulatory requirements. His expertise has resulted in a secure and compliant IT environment.

Fun Fact: Scott Blaydes firmly believes in using the right tool for the job, whether it’s in the realm of IT or other realms of life.

Motto: “A computer is a tool, use the right tool for the job.”

Future Goals: Scott Blaydes aims to continually stay updated with the latest IT compliance standards and best practices. He is committed to maintaining a secure and compliant IT infrastructure that supports the organization’s growth and success.

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